Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And I Didn't Think "A Christmas Carol" Was Very Musical at All

This is my new blogging home. I ditched the old one because I got tired of it. It was time to reinnovate.

The title of this blog is, "This Is a Blog, and other Observations." I hope, as things progress, that you will find that this title accurately describes what you see here.

I titled my blog the way I did because I believe in:
  1. Keeping expectations low, and
  2. Being direct.
Sure, I could have called this blog, "The SuperCool Social Media SEO Technology, Entertainment, Law, and MORE MegaBlog," but once you started reading it, you'd be in for a bummer.

One of the keys to keeping your audience satisfied is to exceed their expectations. If you can keep expectations low without preemptively turning your audience off, you leave that much more room to astound and delight them. If you set their expectations too high, however, you're just going to tick them off.

(Case in point: In high school, I was excited to read Charles Dickens's Great Expectations. About 200 pages in, I realized my expectations were, indeed, far too great -- and put the book down forever. Had Dickens named the book, "A Mediocre Story for which I Was Paid by the Word," I might have finished the whole thing.)

Alternatively, I could have given this blog some random, vague, hip-sounding name like, "The Garrison," or "Pickles and Cats" (or, worse, leapt on the "Cloud Computing Puns Make Me Sound Smarter and Not Lame at All" Bandwagon and called it something like, "Here on Cloud 9," or "High Above the Clouds," or "Partly Cloudy") -- but that's just not me.

So I decided to be straightforward. This is a blog. I make additional observations here too. Maybe you will enjoy them.

In the meantime, you can always read my latest posts on Internet Evolution here (I have a new piece going up tomorrow morning about social media management) and follow me on Twitter here.

More to come. Welcome to my new blogging home.

Joe Stanganelli

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